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Upcoming deadlines for submission

  1. IBH-Labs 2022

    Die IBH-Labs sind Forschung- und Innovationsnetzwerke, die wirtschaftliche und gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen in der Vierländerregion Bodensee bearbeiten.Deadline 07.05.2021

  2. Prix Média and Prix Média Newcomer

    The “Prix Média” is endowed with CHF 10,000 and stands for excellence in science journalism. It recognizes the important role of journalists at the interface between science and society. The “Prix Média Newcomer” awards three projects in science journalism with 3,000 CHF and a winning prize of 4,000 CHF.Deadline 15.05.2021

  3. BRIDGE Discovery

    BRIDGE Discovery is aimed at experienced researchers for basic as well as applied research in order to realise the innovation potential of research findings. It allows the researchers to forge ahead with their vision during the critical precompetitive phase.Deadline 17.05.2021

  4. Investigator initiated clinical trials (IICT)

    The IICT programme is targeted at researchers who wish to conduct an investigator initiated clinical trial. Support will be given to trials that address a documented unmet medical need and are of value to the patients but not in industry focus.Deadline 25.05.2021

  5. Germaine de Staël

    The "Germaine de Staël" programme promotes collaboration between French and Swiss researchers and research teams by providing funding towards travel and accommodation expenses incurred by their team members as part of attending meetings or conferences.Deadline 01.06.2021

  6. BRIDGE Proof of Concept

    BRIDGE Proof of Concept helps young researchers to apply their research results and gain the confidence needed to make a market entry. The projects may target innovations of all kinds from all research areas. Deadline 07.06.2021

  7. Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)

    Promotionsstipendienprogramm: Die DBU vergibt jährlich 60 Promotionsstipendien für die Promotion an einer deutschen Hochschule (Bewerbungen auch von promotionsberechtigten Ausländer/innen möglich). Deadline 15.06.2021

  8. Congress Subsidies at the University of St. Gallen

    The University of St. Gallen may allocate subsidies for congress expenses to HSG researchers.Deadline 07.07.2021