Writing a Master Thesis, Topic: Culture of Giving

Master’s Thesis: Culture of Giving
The federal government and the cantons bear the main part of the costs of Swiss uni-versities and guarantee a standard-quality of education. For excellence and more au-tonomy, universities are striving to obtain additional financing resources such as do-nors, foundations or companies. Unlike the US and UK, fundraising for universities in Switzerland is only in the beginning stages and so is the related research. In collabor-tion with the Lienhard Foundation, we provide the opportunity to close this research-gap: We offer fellowships in the amount of CHF 1’000 for master’s thesis on Swiss cul-ture of giving.

We offer fellowships in the amount of CHF 1’000 for master’s thesis on Swiss culture of giving.
Applicants are responsible for finding a suitable supervisor for the master’s thesis.

Proposed topics:
- Inventory: Current status of the Swiss giving culture
- Analysis of mega-donations in Switzerland in the last 10 years: Case study on the motivation of donors
- Value-chain in the foundation sector: in what sense will digitalization change foundations’ business models, financing and theme selection?


Ms Aline Tannò
Universität St.Gallen (HSG) | Dufourstrasse 48 | CH-9000 St.Gallen
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Application Info

If interested, please send an e-mail to Aline Tannò (aline.tanno@unsig.ch) and add the following documents:
a) CV
b) draft concept (1-2 pages)
c) motivation for the topic (specific background, attended lectures etc.)



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master student

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