SNSF: 120% support grant

The 120% support grant is aimed at postdoctoral researchers who need to look after children during an important stage in their career and who therefore need more flexibility. The grant helps researchers to find the right balance between their academic career and family commitments by enabling part-time employment.
The grant allows researchers to reduce their work-time percentage and hire a support person for the same period.

Participation requirements: The applicants are employed with a work-time percentage of at least 80% in a research project funded by the SNSF, they are pursuing an academic career and are the main carer (as of 50%) of their children until the beginning of their compulsory education (incl. compulsory Kindergarden). Applicants who reduce their work-time percentage plan to work at least 80% once the support measure expires.


Geschäftsstelle der Forschungskommission
Dr. Stefan Graf
Fon: +41 (0)71 224 2879


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Level of education

Researcher with Ph.D.

Funding Types

scholarships / personnel costs, project

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